University of Minnesota start-up generates power using captured CO2

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Heat Mining Company aims to use CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG) technology to extract heat from deep underground and use the resulting thermal energy to generate electricity.

CPG technology prevents CO2 from being released into the air and uses it to extract geothermal heat for electricity production and/or heating. In the process, the CO2 is permanently stored underground, resulting in a geothermal power plant with not only a neutral, potentially negative, carbon footprint. The geothermal power facility can produce baseload power or provide peak-load power.

“CO2 Plume Geothermal technology makes production of power using geothermal heat financially feasible, where water isn’t,” says Ken Carpenter, Managing Partner of South Dakota-based Heat Mining Company LLC. “This technology sits at the convergence of two conflicting demands in our society: the need to burn fossil fuels for the foreseeable future and the desire to reduce carbon emissions.”

The University of Minnesota submitted CPG technology for patents in March 2009 and licensed it exclusively to Heat Mining Company LLC through the Office for Technology Commercialization.

The technology could also supply power for enhanced oil recovery projects that produce oil from fields that have nearly reached the end of their productive lives.

The CPG method has been demonstrated in computer simulations and details have been investigated in laboratory experiments. The next step is to build a pilot plant to test it in the field.

Look out for an article giving a more detailed description of the technology in the May/June issue of Carbon Capture Journal.

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