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The CCP has published its 2012 Annual Report, charting the progress of the group in identifying technologies and operational approaches to advance CO2 capture and storage

Papagaio No Brasil‘s insight:

In 2012, the CCP delivered its first major CO2 capture demonstration, an oxy-firing test at a pilot-scale Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit at a Petrobras research facility in Parana, Brazil. The demonstration has confirmed the technical viability of retrofitting an FCC unit, one of the highest emitting processes in an oil refinery. The CCP Capture team also made progress in developing a range of other capture technology tests and studies to be delivered in 2013.


It was also an important year for the Storage Team, which continued its work addressing key issues for industry and regulators. A number of important storage monitoring field trials have been completed, including successful deployment of a Modular Borehole Monitoring technology, and produced further results from a satellite monitoring programme.


The Policy & Incentives Team continued to build understanding of government and institutional policies influencing the development of CCS. In particular its CCS Regulatory Study, soon to be made available on the CCP website, has examined the evolution of regulatory frameworks in key jurisdictions. The Communications Team undertook an ambitious digital education project – the CCS Browser – to help non-technical audiences explore CCS in more depth; the resource will be available later in the year.


Nigel Jenvey, CCP Chairman comments: “It has been an important year for the CCP. We are now seeing exciting progress on the delivery of key projects, including our first major capture demonstration. Our focus now is on delivering results from the demonstrations, field trials and studies which will conclude in 2013, the final year of CCP3. We are also in discussions about the future of CCP beyond the current phase.”

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